Hooks | Lifestyle photography

Craggy Games, a local creator of the addictive HOOKS game, took advantage of our full branding package and utilized both a lifestyle modeled session AND in-studio product images to update their website and social media.

For the lifestyle session, we rounded up a diverse group of models at the very fun and cute bar, the Shack,  to showcase the gameplay in action. Kyle and Tabitha bought rounds of drinks for the models and the bar owners were kind and let us photograph wherever we needed to.

hooks | Product photography

Craggy already had some beautiful studio product imagery on their site, so our job was to add photos of their new carrying bag accessory product that acted seamlessly with the original product images. After working out a few kinks, we were able to fine-tune the details via texts with Tabitha as we shot. We prefer to shoot products on our own time, so this way Tab wasn't stuck with us at our late-night studio session, but we were still able to get real-time feedback and adjust as needed to meet her expectations.

Both sessions were a success and Craggy ended up purchasing more images than their original branding package included, so win/win for all! We love working with creators and makers, so this was a dream branding session. The photos looked amazing in use on the website, please scroll through the tearsheets/screenshots below.


Ciesther + Mendell

01 / 06